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There is the link for flickr - our pro account expired which explains why the old url didn't work.

Speaking of urls,

is up, but no real content yet. I have to get a site designed and code it all and I can't remember my html lol...


is my art Tumblr. You can see my newest art and I am working on getting more and more stuff posted.

As always you can find daily updates on Facebook, soon to have a page for Noisy Cat Creations too as soon as I can. :) I am staying busy and working on art everyday (when I'm not tired/exhausted from baby/toddler duty, that is)
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so tired Im seeing things...

so I have been trying to find an iPhone app for Livejournal but they all get crappy reviews, so I finally dragged my laptop upstairs to make a post.

I was home for about a day after delivery of Sophia when I woke up short of breath. I finally agreed to go to the ER and find out I had severe pneumonia. HOORAY. So I was not only in the hospital for a few more days, I wasn't allowed to see Sophia at all. It ended up being good that she stayed in the hospital up until the day before I got out.

So now we are all home and she is doing great. She has gained a ton of weight and is very calm. She loves looking around and only cries when she is hungry. Joe calls her his little princess. :3

I don't have any pictures up on Flickr yet; I will be uploading them later today once I charge my phone.

Actually I need to figure out the address for our photostream because Joe set it up and I can't remember his Yahoo ID ^^;

There are videos of Thomas and soon to be Sophia at my Youtube channel:

It's a bit out of date because it's a pain to unload videos but more coming soon :)

Joe got me hosting for my birthday, so I will also be putting my art site back up soon!

none of my kids come easily, it seems

I don't have a whole lot of time to write, as the hospital allots "quota time" for blogs and such.

On Sunday, Feb 27th, I watched the Oscars, kissed Joe good night and went upstairs to bed. I laid down, ready for sleep, when I noticed fluid coming out. I'm very in tune with my body, especially while pregnant, so it hit me as being odd. I got up to check myself and the sheets had a pool of blood on them.

I called Joe and ran to the bathroom, where I started dripping blood pretty heavily. I was starting to freak out, Joe got me dressed, we woke up Tom and I don't even want to know how fast Joe drove to the hospital. By the time we arrived I was crying and scared, but the nurses were very calming and reassuring. They called my doctor who said to prep me for an emergency C section.

This time I was awake for the entire thing. It was indescribable and very weird, feeling no pain but feeling the doc and nurses tug at your insides. And then I heard them say "Hello baby girl!" and Sophia Alexandria Savino was born :) I got to kiss her beautiful face before they rushed her to NICU.

I found out what happened is called placenta abruption, where the placenta separates from the uterus. Everyone kept telling me how good it was that I came down right away, and after reading the wiki link I can see why; infant mortality from it is 20-40%, and it also causes a high risk of maternal death.

But ah, who cares about those statistics because I am fine and Sophia is fine! She's been upgraded to the Progressive Care Unit and while she is having trouble digesting food they give her and a bit of trouble holding her temperature steady, she is breathing great and I am pumping whatever milk I can for her little tummy. It sucks not having her in my room while I heal up, I miss her and Joe and Tom so, so much. But she is in the best of hands and is doing better every day!

I'm sorry I don't quite have pictures yet. They were taken on my phone and I have to upload them to Flickr. As soon as I can I will post the link again for my Flickr stream.

Sophia was born February 28th, 2011 at 2:09am. She was 5 lbs, 10 oz and 19.75" long. :D
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Update coming. Morning sickness has decided to last the entire pregnancy, so I have been really sick and exhausted.
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OK so my desk is no longer a disaster area I can get to my laptop and sit and write again, very good :)

I am having a GIRL! It's scary and awesome all at the same time. :)

Thomas is doing great and loves playing in my studio. Currently he is playing with a box of colored pencils, just drumming them on everything. Joe pointed out there were some pencil marks on the floor, and I said, "It's an art studio!" haha :)

I'm finally starting to feel better enough to draw again. Going into my third trimester and my weight gain is -3 lbs. My docs were worried but baby seems to be growing just fine, it's just from being so sick.

Joe got rushed to the hospital this week to have his appendix out, but he is home and feeling better.
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Does Semagic have an iPhone app? Because I am always wanting to update my journal but I'm never at my computer.

So...I'm pregnant again! It was planned because I basically want to get the hell of pregnancy over and done with and never have to do it again. Having a kid is awesome; being sick and exhausted for nine months sucks. And yep, once again I have Hyperemesis gravidarum which is Latin for "morning sickness from hell please kill me I am so tired of Gatorade and fucking saltines". I can't even bring myself to eat the stuff I did the first pregnancy; Goldfish cracker, ginger and multigrain Cheerios are all ruined for me for life from the first time.

Thomas is doing AWESOME and even when I got a bad cold and could only lay on the floor and push toys to him he kept busy and blew me kisses. He takes naps with me and curls up into my body and Joe will come in and we are both snoring. He says it's like a logging mill.

Other than that not much has changed. I sold my first commissioned piece and was very pleased with it. I was working on my portfolio until I got sick, so for the past few months I haven't done much but now that the cold has gone I feel more energetic.

I have to work on getting my website back up, right now I have no hosting so I can't link photos here.

I post a TON of photos on my Facebook, just look up Stephanie Savino and add me. You'll also get updates more often because there is a FB app.

This hasnt been updated in a few weeks but there are still lots of pictures here too.

I'll post again once I get hosting! I love you all!
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Oh yeah we got another kitty too =^_^= His name is Chester and he is about 9-11 months old. He is super chill and immediately just made friends with Thomas, Jasmine and almost Moxie (except that she hasn't quite warmed up to him and is sulking, but slowly but surely being nicer).
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I'm sure anyone with an infant will understand the lack of updates. (in fact, I had to run upstairs mid sentence to comfort him - we both have a cold so he's not sleeping well). So here is a quick and dirty rundown of what is going on:

Thomas is doing good, his playroom is done except for the "fence" splitting the room in half. The other half, my studio, is almost organized and I have started organizing/working on starting my freelancing. It's a lot of work but it will be worth it.

I still love my house and it gets better every day. Joe has been working hard on repairs, the yard and building things like a gate and such, while I have been cleaning and organizing the inside.

I'm about to upload a bunch of stuff to flickr, lotsa cute Tom pics :)
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Sorry guys, when LJ comes up with a decent uploader for iPhone I will be able to update more frequently.

If you have Facebook you can friend me, I'm under Stephanie Savino. Lots of Thomas pictures there too!

I am doing very well. Thomas is growing up so fast and he is the happiest baby I ever met. He just laughs and smiles all the time.

I am working on my portfolio to reopen NoisyCat Creations (formerly Urusai Neko) and actually get going on some freelance work. I am also working on products for my Etsy store.

My days are very busy and tiring, but I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Moxie turned 2 on April 1st and she is doing well. She is still completely insane and makes me laugh all the time.

Jasmine is doing good, the yard really brought out the puppy in her and she is all slimmed down and perky again. :)

Sorry for not uploading. I'll check to see if semagic has an app. I'm not on my computer much except to work on stuff.

*hughughughughug* <---to everyone :)
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